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Electric Everything: Ryan Reynolds Loves His Arc Vector 

Jun 26, 2023Jun 26, 2023

Remember that gorgeous two-piece Signature Edition Vector fleet created by electric luxury bike brand Arc Vehicle?

Well, what you might not know is that Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, the voice behind Deadpool, Marvel’s ultimate super-antihero, owns one of the original Vectors – and he loves the thing.

We’re told that Reynolds has built up his automobile/motorcycle collection for over a decade and is a staunch supporter of EV power.

Of course, giving the banter-happy Hollywood sweetheart a >$128,000 two-wheeled electric masterpiece has generated quite a positive response in return, with Reynolds’ audio contribution posted to Arc’s Instagram page as thus:

“It’s just PRETTY. [The Arc Vector] never fails to completely take my breath away.”

– Ryan Reynolds (Arc Vehicle)

This season, Arc Vehicle is in attendance at the iconic Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance of 2023, held this year at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, from August 30th to September 2nd (Blenheim Palace).

If you ever wanted a close-up of “the most advanced motorcycle in the world,” a ticket to the Salon Privé 2023 will get you about as close as is physically possible – though the $165,000 USD Signature Edition Vector continues to remain behind Arc doors, as elusive as she is exclusive.

The Signature Edition Arc Vector fleet of two shows off a forged carbon fibre composite for the Vector’s monocoque design, dressing the bike’s body panels and even the wheels. That’s more forged carbon than most supercars can boast – and it’s all complimented, of course, by Rose Gold paint detailing, etched leather grips/seat, black and copper stitching, Öhlins black suspension, and a novel chimney plate.

The Vector even gets a CCS1 Combo charging socket – the same present on practically every non-Tesla EV charging station in North America, adding accessibility to the bike’s unquestionable exclusivity (The Verge).

What do you think of Arc’s Vector, and the Founder’s Signature Edition?