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Jun 29, 2023Jun 29, 2023

Our spy photos show Ford's electric truck fitted with all-terrain tires and skid plates like those on the gas-fed F-150 Tremor.

The Ford F-150 Lightning can take its driver where they need to go on electricity alone. But what if their destination extends where the blacktop ends, more specifically where surfaces are slipperier and rocks treat the underbody like George Foreman used to treat opponents in the boxing ring? For that, off-road-oriented upgrades such as those on the gas-fed F-150 Tremor are a basic requirement. Based on our spy photos, the Lightning may soon be getting a similar type of treatment.

Ford isn't saying a peep about a forthcoming F-150 Lightning Tremor. Car and Driver asked a spokesperson to confirm its existence, but they predictably replied with the company line about not commenting on future products. Of course, it's hard for us not to speculate that such a truck is likely on the way when we spy an electric F-150 fitted with some of the same equipment that's found on the existing Tremor.

Along with similarly styled matte-black 18-inch wheels, the most obvious things the Lightning test mule shares with the Tremor are its 33-inch General Grabber all-terrain tires. That type of knobby rubber isn't currently offered on any electric F-150. While front tow hooks are, none currently have the front skid plate that appears under the spied Lightning's chin. More importantly, the revised lower fascia will provide a better approach angle for clearing obstacles.

Contributing to its improved clearances, the test truck also has an elevated ride height, which is another Tremor tell. We don't know from the photos whether or not the Lightning's adjustable air suspension has been altered, yet we can clearly see the side steps found on most models are missing. What's also missing are the Tremor's bedside badges and signature orange accents that appear on the gas model's grille, front tow hooks, and side vents.

All these clues suggest the F-150 Lightning is in store for an off-road variant, and since every other Ford pickup—minus the comparatively minuscule Maverick—offers a Tremor configuration, we'd wager that moniker will also apply to the EV. Now we just have to wait and see.

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