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Mary UI: Laravel Blade Components for Livewire 3

Aug 29, 2023Aug 29, 2023

Mary UI is a UI library that gives you gorgeous Laravel Blade components made for Livewire 3 and styled with DaisyUI and Tailwind:

It includes a bunch of useful UI components out of the box and is a breeze to set up:

Documentation is available with code examples and demos of using all the components. For example, the drawer component makes it simple to create a slide-out drawer with the following code:

Using the above code, here's an example of clicking on the "Open Right" label:

To get started, visit; you can also see the source code on GitHub at robsontenorio/mary if you want to see how its made or contribute.

At the time of writing, MaryUI was still using the Livewire 3 beta. However, since Laravel Livewire 3 was released yesterday, I imagine MaryUI will update to the stable version soon!

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