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Are Electronic License Plates Really Legal In Michigan?

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

Car technology has been progressing extremely quickly over the past 10 to 20 years.

We've put computer screens in cars, some of them will drive themselves, and now we're even leaving gas in the past with electric cars.

One of the coolest new innovations in car technology can be added to any vehicle, so you don't have to buy an new car to participate in the latest trend.

Michigan is one of three states that allows the usage of electronic license plates, and for a small monthly fee, your car would look like you're living in 3023 instead of 2023.

They're exactly what they sound like, they are a digital representation of your current license plate. But, here's the cool part- you can customize them. You can pick your colors, and even add specialized messages to the bottom.

Seasonal greeting? Special sale? A cause your passionate about? Whatever you want- it can be there.

They also have a mobile app that helps you with everything from customization to renewing your registration.

And if you're worried about them being stolen off your car- don't.

They actually have a feature in their app that allows you to report your plate stolen, and it marks the plate remotely so no one can drive around easily using your registration.

So you don't have to sweat someone stealing them, the police will be able to tell pretty quickly that they're not on the right vehicle.

How much do electronic license plates cost?

They're actually more affordable than you'd imagine, and theres one main company that works with them called Reviver.

You have the option of installing it yourself for free, or you can get it professionally installed for $99 or $150, depending on the plates.

According to the Reviver website, the battery-powered plate will cost you $215 a year for 4 years. While the wired plate is a little more expensive, costing $275 a year for 4 years.

I'm honestly considering getting these because they're so cool. Or maybe I can just convince our boss to get us one for the station truck...

How much do electronic license plates cost?