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Fire Tears Through Home After UK Toddler Turns Oven On

Sep 30, 2023Sep 30, 2023

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A young British family narrowly avoided disaster when a child unintentionally turned on the cooker's hob, starting a fire that quickly spread throughout the house.

Little Enzo, who was only 20 months old, managed to turn on the electric cooker without anyone noticing when his mother returned from shopping, which resulted in a significant fire.

According to The Metro, Tay Carter, 22, moved into her first home with her son, Enzo, just four months ago, but the majority of her flat was destroyed after the fire last week (July 10).

Tay had returned from a shopping trip and left her new clothes on top of the switched-off hob. But when Enzo, who's 20 months old, accidentally switched the hob on, the clothes began to smoulder and set alight.

Tay managed to evacuate along with Enzo, her partner, and their pet puppy while neighbours called the fire brigade, but sadly, most of her home in Snodland, Kent, has been damaged by fire and smoke.


Her bedroom was spared, as it was the only room with a closed door. The rest of the carpets and walls throughout the flat were turned black with soot and smoke. Tay, a first-time homeowner, hadn't yet taken out contents insurance and is now struggling to replace the damaged goods.

Tay is now advising all parents to make sure their ovens are switched off at the wall to avoid a repeat of the catastrophe.

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