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Lumin Electric Grill review: Retro

May 22, 2023May 22, 2023

Comes in two sizes and five colours

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The Lumin Electric Grill looks like it drove in from the ‘50s and parked on my patio. It’s a cute little retro-looking grill with a big BBQ flavour that comes from the iconic brand, Weber.

The history of Weber grills and at-home BBQs is inextricable. It started in the 1950s when George Stephen, a metal welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works who worked with buoys, hosted an unsuccessful steak night with his friends. After burning the meat on his brick fireplace, Stephen took a buoy, put legs on it, poked in holes for airflow and at-home BBQs were forever revolutionized — the ultimate story of making an opportunity from a mi-steak.

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Fast forward around 70 years and Weber’s launched the Lumin Electric Grill and Lumin Compact Electric Grill.

I tried out the compact version in my compact Toronto condo. It’s simple to use, versatile and the results are delicious.

Compact dimensions: Lid open (22.50″ H x 23.00″ W x 18.00″ D) | Lid closed (11.00″ H x 23.00″ W x 16.50″ D)Compact total cooking area: 180 square inchesCompact weight: 26 lbsFull-size dimensions: Lid open (25.50″ H x 25.50″ W x 21.00″ D) | Lid closed (12.00″ H x 26.00″ W x 19.00″ D)Full-size total cooking area: 242 square inchesFull-size weight: 36.5 lbsFuel type: ElectricCooking grate materials: Porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking gratesPower: 120v = 1560 wattsMax grill temperature: 600 F | 315 CPower cord length: 1.8-metresCooking types: Sear, smoke, steam and boilCooking location: Outdoor only (can use in rain and shine)Warranty: Between two and five years, based on componentPrice: Starting from $599Where to buy: Compact – Weber, full-size – Weber | Amazon

This is such a fun grill because it looks unique, cooks well and is easy to maintain. Having access to the stand would have made using the grill feel more like a full BBQ experience, but Weber says it won’t be available in Canada until 2024. Overall, it’s a grill I would recommend.

Assembly: The grill essentially comes assembled. I don’t like opening boxes, building products or reading manuals and the Lumin Grill made me look like a new-product pro. My family came over for a BBQ with the full understanding that we’d be starting with an unopened BBQ, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover the grill comes ready to cook. Just take it out of the box, put the grills on, preheat for 15 minutes and get grilling. Of course, do read the manual, especially because this is a hot grill with safety considerations.

Learn from my mistakes: The manual says if you preheat the BBQ, there’s no need to coat the grill with non-stick spray. Just spray it. The food came off the sprayed grill so much easier.

Favourite features: I love the way it looks. I’m completely vain when it comes to things — I don’t like clutter and whatever I have around my place needs to look good — and I’m excited to bring out this sleek grill to cook up a meal. I’m a big fan of the size. This grill is probably best for a maximum of four people, which is perfect for me, but if you’re cooking for more, go for the larger size. And I appreciate how easy it is to use; all you need to do is plug it in and twist a knob. I know some people prefer propane, coal or wood chips, but this electric grill is just so easy and the food tastes so yummy. The Lumin has sold me on electric.

Least-favourite features: Though the cleanup is easy, it’s difficult to get the grill 100 per cent clean after use. It’s a little difficult to wipe around the burner (once cooled, of course) to get rid of residue. Also, there’s a little disposal drop tray that has unique measurements (8.7″H x 1.7″W x 5.7″D), which means it would be tough to get replacements except on Weber’s website or Amazon.

Recommendation: Love me some Lumin. The compact grill has enough room to feed approximately four people and up to six with the full size. The selling points are the Lumin’s aesthetics, functionality and ease. Even though the Lumin looks so sleek and stands out among grills, it doesn’t sacrifice cooking quality. You’re still getting a high-quality, trusted, Weber BBQ that’s built to grill to perfection. When you’re done grilling, it’s easy to store.

Where to buy: Compact – Weber, full-size – Weber | Amazon

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