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Ninja 6

Jul 25, 2023Jul 25, 2023

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Much is made of the sights and sounds of summer: a large melting strawberry ice-cream cone, splashing, laughing and screaming in the water, an oversized American flag slapping gracefully in the wind, a boat engine shutting off…

But less is made of the smells of summer: freshly-cut grass, SPF, and most importantly: mouth-watering aromas floating over from the grill.

Previously, this smell was relegated to outdoor only status. But not anymore. It’s 2023, and the future is now. In this case: the future goes by Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill, available for 50% off today on Amazon.

Save $150 off on this 6-in-1 indoor grill, and air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate your dinner, all from the comfort of your kitchen. Never let your grill days get rained out ever again.

The Ninja Indoor Grill uses 500°F cyclonic air to perfectly cook or char whatever it is you’re making, all for 50% off today from Amazon.

Choose from four protein settings, and nine “doneness” settings to cook yourself up the perfect meal on the grill, rain or shine. Watching your diet? The Ninja’s air fryer fries with “75% less fat than deep frying (tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries),” using the included 4-quart crisper basket. Put a new spin on dinner today, for $150 off, with Ninja.

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