Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET

Gas Fumeless Roaster(with Electric Fan) ET-KF05 Product Introduction Product Show Tabletop Smokeless Environmental Porta
Basic Info.
Model NO. ET-KF05
Pressure Valve Working Pressure : 2800 PA
Size 660*390*220mm
Transport Package Carton Packing
Specification 680*420*240mm
Trademark ETON
Origin Guangdong China
HS Code 84198100
Production Capacity 100 Piece/Pieces per Day
Product Description
Gas Fumeless Roaster(with Electric Fan) ET-KF05
Product Introduction
namegas fumeless roaster (with electric fan)
configurationstainless steel shell
presuue value2800pa

Product Show

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET-KF05

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET-KF05

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET-KF05

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET-KF05

Gas Fumeless Roaster (with Electric Fan) ET-KF05

Tabletop Smokeless Environmental Portable Camping Gas GrillProduct Introduction

This product is the latest development of practical new products smokeless gas grill. This product is suitable for the production of a variety of grilled food, grilled food color bright after the meat tender and delicious, clean and sanitary. Using new porous ceramic fire board, to change the traditional way of barbecue, grilled with new ways to make full use of heat, so that the food is heated more evenly and faster. When heating food to prevent direct sauce dripping soot produced ceramic plate. Electronic ignition switch freely adjust fire, simple, safe. Machine aesthetic and practical, handmade fine, energy-efficient, non-smoking health and environmental protection, for home, supermarkets, leisure snacks, and various population movements place can display more sales.

The products are practical and new series products - Roasting Ovens(Gas) -developed by our company lately. The products are applicable to various creations of roasting food,
the food's color and luster after roasting are fresh and gorgeous, the meat quality is delicate, slippery
and tasty, and also clean and hygiene. The products adopt the new tiny bore porcelain fire plank, match
with the arc-shaped heated glass to radiate infrared thermal energy, the glass stove surfaces can be cleanedconveniently, the fire is ignited by electronic lighter and can be adjusted freely, the operation is simple and safe. The whole machine is nice looking and practical, the handicraft is fine, high efficiency and energy saving, hygiene and environmental friendly, can be applicable to the family, supermarket,
recreational repast, and also can be applicable to roast food for sale at the place where has large amount of people walk by.


1, should be checked before use bottled LPG pipeline is switched on and securely connected before use.

2, to the residue was poured into a suitable water basin, to maintain a certain amount of water to prevent drying.

3, open the gas valve, press and turn left electronic ignition switch, should let go after burner ignition, combustion burners,1 to 2 minutes, then the fan power, rotating around an electronic ignition switch fire size can be adjusted.

4, after use, turn off all ignition switch, fan power supply and gas supply master switch.


1, transit Be careful not upside down, pressure, vibrations, to avoid damage.

2, gas grill series are low-pressure valve, pressure valve or prohibit the use of high-pressure valves.

3, found leak, immediately turn off the gas valve, and find the maintenance department repair before use.

The cleaning and maintenance:

1, the cleaning and maintenance should be closed electronic ignition switch to prevent accidents.

2, with the needle always check whether the microporous ceramic fire board clogging.

3, avoid direct water cleaning stove, affect burner life.